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What GACS stand for

The GACS mission is in fact simple and is written down in the GACS letter of intent:

  • Exchange experience and knowledge within home safety for children.
  • Work with appropriate authorities in individual markets as well as on a global basis.
  • Participate in development of product safety standards.
  • Participate in own development of safety standards for products not covered or governed by any public available product safety standard and or develop such standards where existing public standards are not seen sufficient or appropriate.
  • Enter co-operation with accredited international test laboratories for co-operation, verification and a “third party” approval of the validity and quality of the said own developed safety standards.
  • Create communication, educational and branding material. The educational work must be setup to benefit parents in order to increase awareness and understanding of hazards surrounding small children at home. But foremost; how to prevent these hazards from hurting and injuring children.