Kind+Jugend 2019

Safe and Care Co exhibited with our own stand at the most recent Cologne tradeshow.

We could have used a little more space, but managed to express most of what we wanted to tell existing and new customers.

Safe and Care co. came with a goal to tell, that we are the leader in the home safety category – with the first and so far only EN compliant home safety range!

Locks and latches compliant to EN 16948:2017 and Door stoppers compliant to EN 16654:2015 are available so far only from Safe and Care co. and our European brand partners. 

Our “SAFE since 1947” brand is now launching in Scandinavia and China and our brand partners around the world are ambassadors for our uncompromised view on quality and safety! A strong testament to our family legacy founded in 1947, now with 4th. generation actively contributing to new innovative products.

We also launched our new Danish designed Ziza Chair with it’s “cute” discrete design and subtle colours was well received amongst a wide audience from around the world.

A portfolio of new products in the Ziza Chair family also shown at the show was well received and will launch soon.

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