SAFE is the ultimate word to be associated with our corporate strategy and achievements.

The culmination of our family work through 3 generations.

  • Experience has been passed on through generations, refined and incorporated into the unique product range we are able to provide now and in the future.
  • We always try to carefully assess the risks in each situation through thorough examination in parallel with the unique experience we have gained over more than 70 years.
  • We do not compromise the level of safety our products are meant and expected to provide to keep children SAFE -r at home.
  • The word safety is associated with every product we develop and manufacture, but to be able to use this word with confidence and credibility we must be able to prove and verify, that our products are truly SAFE.
  • Therefore, have we over the past nearly three decades participated in the development of international product safety standards to which our products have to be tested and must comply to.
  • We have formed international co-operations ie. Global Alliance for Child Safety – GACS to have likeminded partners to exchange information with.
  • This has constantly challenged our creativity but enabled us to come up with unique designs, making the right choice of materials from which our products are made, to develop appropriate manufacturing and testing equipment and finally; develop easy understandable consumer information, ie. user guides and videos to help to ensure, that our products are used correctly.

The sum of all factors allows for the creation of a SAFE- r environment for children at home!