Ziza is our new daughter brand, embracing our new Strollers, Prams and High chairs.

The Ziza name is carefully chosen because of its historical roots John Dee (1527–1608). 

For us a name must have a meaning and be able to embrace what the person (brand) means to you and should mean to others.

Ziza was chosen because she was the name of a small Angel working to keeping balance between good and bad. For us, Ziza is our little Guardian Angel – our inner voice keeping us on track, ensuring we always do the right thing for the right reasons!  Ziza is expressed through our little Mermaid…..

Obviously, she shares the values defined and lived through us – her mother – Mermaid( “SAFE since 1947” brand) – Ziza IS a SAFE choice!

The story behind our stroller, Prams and High Chairs….

  • In 1947 my Grandfather and Grandmother started the production of a little Doll Pram. ·
  • Times were difficult after WW2 , materials hard to get. My Grandfather made the Chassis in a small tool shop next to their house and my grandmother was sewing the softgoods in the basement.

  • In 1957 my father joined the small company and helped making the Doll Pram. This production continued up until the early 70ies a few years after I was born.

  • In the meantime, other products for children ie. safety gates had been developed and the small business was growing.

  • In 1978 my Grandmother died, much too early and my parents took over the business. A wholesale business was added, amongst other products also importing Prams and Strollers from suppliers in Europe.
  • In 1988 our first High Chair was developed.
  • In 1997 we started the development of a new Stroller range with close business partners. The Copenhagen, Stockholm, Reykjavik and Oslo Strollers came to market a few years later…
  • In 2018 we are launching; The Ziza Medi Stroller, the  Ziza Primi Pram and the Ziza Seat…..